Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Bellabaci Cupping Massage - a modern 'take' on Chinese Cupping which combines both positive and negative pressure within the massage to help alleviate toxins.  It combines all the benefits of traditional Chinese Cupping within a therapeutic, relaxing and healing  massage, using special silicone cups and traditional massage.


Bellabaci Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage                    £25.00

Bellabaci Full Body Massage                                          £35.00



Swedish / Full Body Massage

Ease your aches, pains and tensions away with this deep, rigorous, yet relaxing massage, ideal for relieving tense backs, necks and shoulders.  It helps soothe tight, sore muscles and helps disperse tension nodules (regular massage will help prevent nodules)


Should you prefer a slow, calm massage for sheer relaxation, just ask our therapists and the massage will be tailored to your needs.


Back, neck and shoulders                     £20.00

Full body massage                                 £30.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This intense massage uses special techniques to ease stress related knots and muscular tension.  It can aid the healing process and help repair tissue damage caused by over exertion at the gym, or following an injury.


Treatments tailored to individual needs     

Back, Neck & Shoulder Deep Tissue Massage        £22.00

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage                               £35.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Plants, flowers, seeds etc. have been used since ancient times for the therapeutic properties derived from the “essence” of their oil. Each oil has a specific effect on the body and body systems. Our therapists, following a consultation, will advise and blend aromatherapy oils to suit the clients’ specific needs, whether the aim is to relax, invigorate, de-stress or help with particular ailments. Some of the benefits of aromatherapy include help in treating eczema, psoriasis, back and joint problems, depression, and cold and flu symptoms (to name just a few!)


Back, neck and shoulder massage               £20.00

Full body massage                                         £30.00

(includes scalp massage)                           


Please arrive in sufficient time for a consultation with your therapist.

Aromatherapy Back Cleanse

For that special occasion, or just as a relaxing treat, indulge in our aromatherapy back cleanse which includes cleanse, exfoliate, mask or paraffin wax, followed by a massage with a special blend of oils.

A relaxing scalp massage will be performed while the mask or wax takes effect.


Aromatherapy back cleanse                          £30.00

(includes back and scalp massage )

Anti-cellulite Aromatherapy Massage

A vigorous and stimulating massage, using specially blended oils, concentrating on areas where cellulite is prone to develop. 


Legs or arms                                                £22.00


Pressure Point Sinus Massage

Deep pressure movements help to drain sinuses and clear congestion, allowing tension in the eyes, face and head to flow away. Perfect for winter sniffles and summer allergies.


Facial Sinus Point Massage                    £15.00


(this massage is also incorporated into our Hopi Ear Candling - see separate description)

Hot Stone Therapy

This treatment combines traditional massage with the use of smooth, water heated basalt stones of varying sizes, applied to key points of the body.


Warm and healing, ten times more effective than normal massage, hot stone therapy harmonises, restores and rejuvenates the body to create an intense state of relaxation and spiritual calm.  The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing more intense manipulation to accelerate blood circulation, lymph drainage and the removal of toxins.


Back, neck and shoulders                         £27.00

Full body                                                     £36.00


Indian Head Massage

A treatment based on the Ayurvedic healing system that  promotes health and long life.  The Ayurvedic view of health encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual well-being with a balance of three vital life-giving energies, or doshas.

Indian Head massage has evolved from traditional techniques practised as part of Indian family rituals for over 1000 years.

Benefits include stress relief, increased joint mobility, relief from tension headaches, eye strain and sinusitis.  Skin, scalp and hair condition is improved, and a restful, refreshing sleep is promoted. Choose either oil or purified talc for your treatment.


Indian Head Massage                                                          £25.00

Oriental Scalp Massage

This totally relaxing treatment relieves tension in the shoulders, neck and scalp.  The client remains lying down throughout the massage whilst special flowing strokes, warming essential oils and ancient techniques combine to relax and unwind the mind and body, promoting calmness, balance and wellbeing


Oriental Scalp and Neck Massage                  £20.00

Zen Chi Massager

Try this unique wave-like motion which helps to promote blood flow and increase the body’s metabolic rate.  This is a passive exercise, without physical effort, so neither heart rate nor blood pressure is raised. 

Fifteen minutes on the Zen Chi massager is the equivalent of walking 4.5 km.


Zen Chi session                                             £10.00