Spray Tan

Our Suntana Spray tan is a safe and natural alternative to sunbathing or sunbeds, giving you  beautifully bronzed skin with no UV rays and no risk of sunburn. It offers four aromas (coconut, cherry, chocolate or blackberry) to leave you looking and smelling gorgeous.

Our spray tan works on all skin types including very pale complexions and is excellent for everyday use or special occasions.   It uses the latest technology in spray-on tanning, smells good enough to eat and dries as it is being applied.

Look like you’ve been abroad without leaving Barry!!

Single tanning session                                                         £20.00

Half Body only tanning session                                           £12.00

(half body is either top torso or legs only)


On the day prior to tanning ensure that your entire body is exfoliated and moisturised, paying particular attention to rough areas e.g. knees, elbows, ankles and the tops of your feet.

On the day of your tan, shower excess moisturiser off and do not apply deodorant or moisturiser as this may reduce the effect of the tan.