Mother to Be Massage

Our Mums to be are very important to us at Balance.  We offer specialised massage from the first trimester of pregnancy (following your first scan) all through the pregnancy, with a fully qualified and experienced therapist who has been trained in advance pregnancy massage techniques.


Your body experiences immense changes throughout pregnancy, which affect its physical, emotional and hormonal balance.  Massage helps you cope with these changes and helps restore the body’s equilibrium.


The benefits of pre-natal massage are too numerous to list but include: relaxation and stress relief,  muscle toning, helps with lower back and sciatic pain, strengthens the immune system, increases blood and lymph flow to aid elimination of toxins (helping with fatigue) and helping baby receive more nutrients and releases  endorphins to help mum with natural pain relief when the options for taking medication are limited due to the pregnancy.


It is proven that Mum’s massage has a very positive effect on the developing baby:  s/he often copes better with the trauma of birth and is a more “chilled” baby, often responding to the rhythms and sounds s/he has experienced whilst in the uterus.

Receive a free gift with your first pregnancy massage. 

Mum to Be Masssage       £20.00

Mother to Be Foot & Lower Leg Massage

Pregnant women are often prone to aching legs and calf cramps, with tension and tightening of the muscles.  Our specialised massage eases muscular discomfort and can increase flexibility of the feet and ankles, helping to dispel mild swelling associated with a normal pregnancy*, and offering comfort and relief as the body’s weight increases whilst the pregnancy progresses.


This massage really helps when performed regularly throughout pregnancy.


 *It is advisable to discuss any swelling of the ankles / legs with your midwife or doctor.



Mother to Be Facial

Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, skin can change from day to day and can be more sensitive than usual.  Therefore we use our Sedate range by Priadara to ensure that the skin is kept in optimum condition.

Enjoy a full Facial with a relaxing Hand and Arm Massage whilst the masque works its magic!


As the pregnancy progresses and the baby’s weight increases, you will be positioned so that there is no weight pressing down on  deep blood vessels, which could restrict circulation for yourself and the baby. Yours and your baby’s comfort and safety is always our top priority at Balance!